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Abundant life: Economic justice for all

The current economic crisis has affected nearly all of us in some way. We see people around us losing their jobs, their homes and retirement savings. At times like this we as a church clearly must care for those who are affected.

Over the next year, we will be focusing on four specific areas of U.S. policy in which we see potential for taking steps toward greater justice. We invite congregations to pray, reflect and act for economic justice for all. There are many ways to be involved - use one of the suggested prayers during Sunday morning worship, sign postcards to your elected officials, or organize an evening forum to learn more about the issue. Do as much or as little as you are able. Together our efforts will point us toward Jesus' vision of Abundant Life for all.

Campaign information


Faith reflection

Sundays to pray, reflect and act

Let justice roll down: Trade for the common good

Unjust trade policies exacerbate conditions of poverty for millions of the world’s poor. Trade policies must advance the common good.

And many were healed: Health care for all

In the U.S., over 47 million people lack health insurance and half of all bankruptcies result from health care bills. The system is broken.

Proclaim jubilee: A new beginning

Many of the world's poorest countries suffer from crushing international debt. Debt relief can help create a new beginning.

Secure dwelling places: A home for everyone

For many in the United States, an affordable housing crisis started long before last year's economic meltdown.


MCC Washington staff would be happy to speak in congregations on these topics. Please contact our office at or 202-544-6564 for more information.