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U.S. Economic Justice

U.S. Hunger

Farm Policy to Heal Nations

This past summer I volunteered at a small organic farm where I saw firsthand the power of creation to grow and bring forth foods that nourish our bodies.

I learned the joy of walking barefoot through freshly tilled soil. I experienced the joy of looking at a field full of squash, kale, summer savory, tomatoes, peas and basil.

My time on the farm showed me some of the ways God works through agriculture for the healing of creation.

As a society we are seeing the consequences of our economic choices and national priorities. Unemployment, lack of access to health care and an increase in child homelessness have all reached saddening levels — even while Washington lawmakers move to cut safety-net programs and reassert the economic principles that created these situations.

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Seeking a More Balanced Option: Renters and Homeowners in the United States

Mennonite Central Committee seeks to address housing needs across the United States, refurbishing houses in Appalachia and advocating for just housing practices for those still struggling after hurricanes Katrina and Ike. But until the recent economic crisis, many of us took housing for granted.

The need for safe, affordable and permanent homes is no longer something we can ignore. This new understanding has highlighted some of our society’s weaknesses and can point us toward practices that care for our neighbors and ourselves in the future.

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